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Rotair expands its NRMM STAGE-V compliant range of portable compressors

New MDVN 83 ECO5 and MDVS 125 ECO5 high flow compressors offer EU NRMM Stage V emission standard compliance and attractive lifecycle cost for specialised applications.

Supplied by Rotair

ROTAIR SPA, a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high technology portable air compressors, multi-functional dumpers and hydraulic breakers for more than 60 years and a brand of ELGi Equipments Limited, introduced its latest additions to the MDVN and MDVS portable compressors portfolio. The new MDVN 83 ECO5 (8000 lt/min@7 bar) and MDVS 125 ECO5 (12000 lt/min@7 bar) models are compliant with the EU Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Stage V emission standards.

The new MDVN and MDVS portable compressors, designed having in mind sandblasting, fibre optic cable laying and other applications requiring cool, dry air, address customers’ needs for higher flow performance, reliability and lower lifecycle cost.

“ROTAIR is known for designing, engineering and manufacturing customer-centric portable compressed air solutions that meet our customers’ needs for performance, reliability and ultimately, a low lifecycle cost,” said Michela Morando, Senior Engineer at ROTAIR S.p.A. “The new MDVN and MDVS units bring new levels of emissions and noise compliance to our core product offering, future-proofing our customers’ operations with these reliable and efficient air compressors.”

The MDVN 83 ECO5 and MDVS 125 ECO5 – the same as the rest of the models in the portfolio – come in standard version or with integrated after-cooler and condensate filtration. A pneumatic control system to save fuel consumption by automatically adjusting engine revs to the amount of air needed is present on all models and versions.

Offering a wide range of pressures, including Dual Pressure, the units also feature an intelligent start/stop system that provides a regulated build-up of engine’s revs and pressure, improving durability. ROTAIR’s portable compressors are also known for their compact dimensions for improved manoeuvrability and an optimal dimension to power ratio. The units have European homologation for road circulation with brakes.

Additional features of the MDVN 83 ECO5 and MDVS 125 ECO5 include:

  • High-quality air, courtesy of separate oil and air filters for the compressor – reducing environmental contaminants passing through the system.
  • Single-stage oversized air filter for the compressor to maximise air filtering by the air-end with an optional two-stage air filter for the engine also available.
  • Reliability and durability of the unit courtesy of separate oil and air filters for the engine.
  • Fuel pre-filter with water separation and second filter to ensure the fuel is clean when operating in dusty conditions.
  • Combined radiator allowing for cooling of both compressor oil and engine liquid.
  • Easy accessibility of all parts for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Source: Rotair