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Excavators for high productivity and long service life in tough conditions

Doosan DX450LCA-7M and DX450LC-7M crawler excavators.

The Doosan DX450LCA-7M and DX450LC-7M crawler excavators – with high power ratings for greater productivity and a robust structure for dependable performance, stability on site and long service life – are valuable machines on any tough construction site and in mining, quarrying and civil engineering.

“These robust excavators have been developed for improved performance, efficient operating costs and minimal downtime in arduous conditions. Doosan’s new generation of machines boasts an impressive combination of power and intelligence, which means operators can handle heavy loads and challenging tasks with ease,” says Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Ltd, trading as Doosan, part of Invicta Holdings Limited. “All features of this series have been optimised for a greater working range and fast digging speeds required for high performance in tough applications. The DX450LCA-7M excavators, with an operating weight of 44.3 ton and DX450LC-7M machines, with an operating weight of 44.4 ton, are able to operate efficiently with attachments designed for 50-ton excavators, with sufficient pump flow and lifting capacity.”


Fuel efficient engine

Doosan’s new DX12 engine, with outputs of 181kW and impressive torque, deliver the precise power needed for each specific task. A rotor type pre-cleaner ensures efficient filtering in dusty environments, which increases maintenance intervals, resulting in more uptime. In addition, a filter-type water separator filters moisture in the fuel, which reduces impurities and enhances engine efficiency. A standard auto-idle feature reduces engine rpm when the steering wheel or joystick aren’t being used, and automatically puts the engine and pump into the standby mode when it detects a pause. This function helps reduce fuel consumption and minimises noise. It’s notable that noise levels of this series comply with environmental regulations.


Electronic power optimising system

In addition, the e-EPOS system (Electronic Power Optimising System) ensures economy and smooth operation, by providing a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system, to ensure power is delivered exactly as required. Pump matching technology improves fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust fumes.


Advanced features

Advanced features of this series include greater digging force and 20% more bucket load than other brands of machines in the same class. DX450LC-7M and DX450LCA-7M excavators also have a newly designed reinforced heavy-duty arm and boom, with an optional boom floating system. For improved protection of the base arm, reinforced bars have been added and the arm centre and end boss have been strengthened.

The heavy-duty X-shaped undercarriage has an integrated track spring and idler, a durable box section track frame and self-lubricating sealed links. All welded structures are designed to limit stresses. The sprocket and tooth structure have been strengthened to prevent debris and increase durability, while the hydraulic track adjuster has a highly effective shock absorbing tension mechanism.

An axial piston motor with a two-stage planetary reduction gear ensures high swing torque and reduced swing speed (between 0 and 9.1rpm). The swing brake for parking is activated by a spring and released hydraulically.

The H-class bucket, which is manufactured from high-strength steel, has been upgraded with a larger abrasion resistant plate and a new heel and edge saver – which significantly increase the durability of bucket.

The re-designed cabin, which features the latest aesthetics, focuses on operator safety and comfort, in combination with advanced technology to ensure precise control during all tasks.

Doosan machines ensure easy access to all components for quick maintenance procedures and to prevent contamination to the surrounding environment.

Doosan recently launched advanced telematics and tracking technology – DoosanCONNECT – which is designed to make equipment and jobsites more efficient, economical and convenient.

A telematics terminal, which is simply connected to the machine, is enhanced by a dual mode cellular or satellite communication system and the DoosanCONNECT web service, which allows users to monitor a machine’s status.

To enhance work efficiency management, this system monitors operational trends, including the machine’s operating hours and actual work hours, as well as the provision of information on the current fuel status and accumulated mileage.

Filter and oil management forms part of DoosanCONNECT’s preventative maintenance, by monitoring item replacement cycles. Alarms are set for replacing consumables like filters and oils. The proactive service of this system encompasses automatic gauge monitoring, alerts in the event of an antenna disconnection, alarms for equipment malfunction symptoms, as well as geo/time fence alerts.

For job site management, functions for the monitoring of equipment location information include GPS and geo-fence location and periodic operation and utilisation reports.

Source: Doosan