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Epiroc unveils the Boomer

Original Equipment Manufacturer Epiroc has unveiled the Boomer M20 multi-role drill rig after an extensive collaboration with customers and real-world testing. The equipment features on-board automation features, tele-remote capabilities and digital drill plans.

Not only do they lead to higher quality of the full drill cycle, but they also enhance safety. Operators can drill from a safe distance away from hazardous areas at the tunnel face and keep production going. Its multi-functional joysticks also allow operators to keep their eyes on the task at all time.

Adding to the list of the Boomer M20’s safety features is a cabin design that gives optimum visibility, with noise dampening materials to keep noise levels as low as 65 decibels.

“Safety has been with us since day one. It’s our top priority and we have made great efforts in improving safety for operators with this rig,” says Epiroc’s global product manager of face drilling equipment.

The Boomer M20 is the world’s first face drill rig with internal hydraulics. It comes with protected hydraulics, sensors and cables to minimise everyday wear and tear on hydraulic hoses. Its hose-less boom design minimises unplanned stops for hose repairs, lifting uptime even in tough environments. Mining companies can also opt for a battery-electric driveline option to bring additional savings on health and ventilation.

With innovation at the forefront of the Boomer M20 design, Epiroc ensures high performance development options that can be used to adjust and download drill plans directly at the face.

“With digital drill plan handling, drill rounds will be longer, more precise and give far less overbreak. We have seen total cost savings of up to 25% and up to 40% productivity increase,” says Berggren.

“This is the perfect choice for mining houses and contractors that want to out-drill the competition through innovation.”